PEE WEE MOLDING is committed to producing quality to your precise specifications. As injection molding specialists, we meet and master challenging tolerances, undercuts, and angles. We are confident that we can turn your ideas into practical working components that contribute to your final product. Constantly growing and changing to meet market demands, we continue to take pride in our people, products, and services.


We have developed an extensive line of proprietary components in-stock for immediate shipment. Buckles, O-rings, Strap Locks, Snap Hooks, plus much more in a variety of sizes and materials.


75,000 Sq. ft. plant, 40 Injection Molding Machines 15 - 300 ton, 24 hour production, in house tool and die building, design and process engineering, mold evaluation and testing, close tolerance mold building, cam action molds, EDM and CNC machining, CAD/CAM, precision insert molding, over molding, ASL approved, material certification and tractability, military prints welcome. All engineering and commodity resins - Acetal, Nylon, ABS, Butyrate, Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, etc, Glass reinforced and flame retardant materials, Automatic material loading, dryers, granulators, part separators.


Assembly, Packaging, Bar Coding, Hot Stamping, Pad Printing, Plating, Powder Coating.